Network Assessment

Network Assessment

Network Mapping:

The Network Mapping service activity consists of identifying assets on an agreed upon IP address space or network range(s). The Red Sea Information Security testing team shall attempt to determine open ports and services, hosts, servers, and operating systems running on the network. Identified assets during the Network Mapping shall serve as the target and scope of a Network Vulnerability Scan Service.

Vulnerability Scan:

The Vulnerability Scan service comprehensively identifies IT vulnerabilities associated with systems that are potentially exploitable by attackers. The results shall provide customers with guidance on remediation steps to close any identified vulnerabilities and minimize an organization’s attack footprint.

Wireless Assessment:

The Wireless Assessment can include wireless access point (WAP) detection, penetration testing or both and is performed while onsite at a client?s facility. Wireless Network Detection will occur during an onsite portion of a Red Sea Information Security assessment. Engineers shall conduct a walkthrough of stakeholder facilities to identify and evaluate IEEE 802.11 Wireless Access Points (WAPs) that exist within the organization?s physical office location(s) and work with POC to determine if any rogue access points are in use. Wireless penetration testing analyzes the current wireless infrastructure to identify weaknesses and attempt to exploit them to gain additional access to a stakeholder network. During the wireless penetration test, Red Sea Information Security identifies WAPs and attempts to exploit and gain access to the network through those WAPs. Once access is gained to the wireless network, the team shall attempt to map out the network and discover vulnerabilities. This service cannot be performed remotely.