Meet Haseeb, newest member of Team Red Sea

Meet Haseeb, newest member of Team Red Sea
July 1, 2020 No Comments Uncategorized k3nundrum

Hello friend…

My name is Muhammad Haseeb Tofiq, but you can call me Haseeb.  I am an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), a VHL Advanced Penetration Tester, hold a B.S. in Computer Science  and am always excited to learn new things and pick apart puzzles.

I enjoy traveling, gaming, swimming, CTFs and blogging about infosec.

I bring to Red Sea Information Security expertise in Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment and a background in Linux System Administration.  I love working here because they have given me the opportunity to prove my skills, learn new things and I get to help organizations improve their security postures.

Ken, my boss, is a talented guy and I continue to learn lots from his mentoring and leadership.  The culture is great here and I look forward to working at Red Sea Information Security and helping our clients with their security needs.



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